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Here you can find answers to some ofour members often encounter problems, if you have great ideas, and founderrors, or have any questions to the Advisory, please send an email to ourmailbox, we'll help you out as soon as possible. If users need help when there arenot able to reply quickly, please be patient. Working hours are Monday toSunday 09:00~18:00. In order to be able to provide you with better service,other problems please find help center or use the mail ( and contact us.

The functions of this website?

XOGGER is the world's largest and most authenticcross-language dating, dating service, the most efficient platforms. Here, youcan sign up for free, find friends, upload photos, post, send messages, gifts,etc. Through this platform you can make global friends, and can betterunderstand each other, love each other. Log on every day, can improve theactivity levels, higher enjoyment of more features. Of course, you can alsoupgrade to premium membership or VIP Member to enjoy more features. We can alsobe tailored according to your needs for your corresponding services wherehundreds of thousands of new members joining every day, where you can easilyrealize he or she is on the other end of the Earth.

How to join? Process is complicated right?

Register to join, registration will give you a betterunderstanding and use of our services. Process is very simple. Visit the language-free registration, you can.

Have to pay it?

Registration and basic features of ordinary members is free.Also you can select the services according to their own preferences, membersand VIP service, take only the equivalent of a few drinks, you can order ourtailored service for you, thus making friends all over the world. Of course,you can also choose duration of service. Premium membership is 20 dinars permonth, is 199 Gold VIP members per month. For details, please see: top-memberupgrade.

Register fail to do?

Press registration:

(a) User name contains only letters, numbersor 4-20 character;

(b) Sex selection;

(c) The password can only contain letters or numbers more than 6 digits, andrepeat;

(d) The real mailbox is available.

Why should I fill out the personal information, as well asupload photos?

Personal information is very helpful for understanding betweenpeople. Personal photos can make the impression people have relatively specificto each other over the network. You certainly have the right to choose,experience has shown that a sound profile can greatly improve yourunderstanding and interest in others, personal photo is that it gives you isthe increased focus on more than 10 times!

What is the site of gold coins?

This website provides users with gold service, at this site youcan purchase and use gold coins. Gold coins have no age limits, and gold is notredeemable gold coins have no monetary value and may not be privately sold ortransferred outside the station.

How do I recharge gold coins?

You can log in-charge, or login-membership-recharge. Wecurrently only offer PayPal, PayPal and other payment method of networksecurity, if you don't have a PayPal account, you can select a-PayPal-the way creditcard payments. All payment is completely secure. This station does not have anyautomatic memory and repeat the charging procedure. Have any questions, pleasecontact us immediately. If you recharge XOGGER recharge page cannot besuccessful, please check your credit card problem or not, then replace thebrowser to try again. Sometimes you can also choose to contact PayPal (forexample you are prompted "your credit card cannot be used to pay forthis transaction " case). If you try both ways are still unable tosuccessfully charge, please tell us the details, such as which recharge modeyou are using is, what error? Which browser you use? In order to assist ourtechnical staff to quickly find reasons to help you solve the problem, an erroryou will send us a screenshot of the page Web site administrator.

How do I upgrade? Upgrade to premium membership or use ofVIP?

You can submit login-membership-upgrade-upgrade project. Premiummembership monthly and VIP are members, enjoy more features, please post areference for details: recharge--Member description

What is the use? How to vote?

Vote reflects the popularity of users in XOGGER worldwide.Highest number of votes, we will appropriate rewards and organizationalactivities. You only need to click the icon to vote. In order to reflect theequity and value of voting, you can only free day for the same person to cast avote (normal users can vote for l man, advanced users can vote for 5L personal,VIP can 10L personal votes. L Level), if you need the same day to the sameperson too many contributions to pay 1 coin/ticket. Accepted withoutrestriction.

the site has real gifts? How to send a real gift?

Some. You can select gift-true gifts in the accounts, in the"remarks" description gift delivery requirement, such as deliverydates, addresses, messages and so on. Real gifts for at least 1 week inadvance. If the recipient did not provide addresses and telephone numbers, andwe need some time to contact them for sure. Gift-giving time note timedifferences, are subject to local time in the country. If date gifts met thecountry's statutory holidays, orders may be postponed. International giftgiving time is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time but clearly served one day, cannotguarantee the morning or the afternoon, primarily in urban districts.

How to delete your account?

You have the right to delete your account, please use yourregistered email address or contact us and we confirmed, we will delete youraccount and all of your registration information. When you reach enough onlinegrades, you can hide or delete the account, without having to contact theadministrator.

Complaints of illegal Member?

We strictly control theillegal, members, and asks you to transfer to the individual's circumstances.If you find, please contact us immediately and inform us of their username andthe subject of complaint. We will investigate and take measures as soon aspossible. Have any comments and suggestions, or questions, please contact us orsend an email to

Thank you!