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XOGGER is owned by TuoMaiTechnology Co., Ltd. XOGGER is a true cross-language global dating service, one of the most effectiveplatform. Through this platform you can make global friends, and can betterunderstand each other, love each other. We can be tailored according to yourneeds for your corresponding services where hundreds of thousands of newmembers joining every day, where you can easily realize he or she is on theother end of the Earth.

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XOGGER compared with other social-networking sites, has its own unique features, thatis, human translation. Existing language of most countries and regions in theworld to help you eliminate the language barrier, making global friends, onceyou have registered, members can immediately browse potential friends photosand log and contact. Privacy is our most important one, so among its membersall the contacts are carried out through anonymous mail network. We will treatall member names and contact information as confidential unless the Member youwant to share personal information with each other.

Enrollment requirements:

You must be over 18 years then you can be the member of our website or browser our website. The membership of our website is invalid under inhibited conditions. The using of the website means that you claims that you have rights, power and abilities to sign the agreement, and you will abide by all the clauses and requirements.

You will receive an account and a password after finish the enrollment procedures. It is your obligation to keep the safety of your account and password. You should bear all the responsibility to your password and all the actions of your account. You must agree the following agreements:

You will notice us that once your password or account is used but not authorized, or there is any other safety problems about your password or account.

Please log out your account after you are off line. You should bear all the responsibilities to any actions done by other people with your account if you do not obey the rules.

Every user should be responsible for all his actions and situations. You will bear all the responsibilities if you can not keep your password and account safe and thus cause any harm to yourselves, our website or any others.

Ending Service.

1)You agree that our website can cancel your account and password( or any other parts) or your using of our service if we do not charge you for the related service under the conditions that we confirms you have disobeyed the sense and rules of the agreement, or you take actions which against the sense and rules of the agreement. And you agree that we can ending the related service on the basis of valid doubt and we noticed you via the email on the conditions that we have charged you for the related service.

We do not have the obligation to keep the information or the related information of your account, or transfer any unread or sent message to you or any others after your account is canceled. Besides, you agree that we will not bear any responsibility once we have ending the service to you

2)You have rights to request us to withdraw your account, and we will do that after we have confirmed your requirement. Then, the contract based on the agreement will be invalid. We do not have the responsibility to keep or notice you any information about your account. We also do not have the responsibility to transfer any message that you have not read to you or any others.

3)You understand and agree the following conditions after the contract ended:

We have rights to continue to keep your information.

The relationship between you and the other users caused by the using of our service will not end though the agreement is ended. The other users still have rights to request you to make your promise and you must do that.

The information listed on the website and the prohibited information.

A.The information you provided for our website must be accurate and real.

B.Any other information except for the personal information that you upload on the website will be regarded as public and non-personal. We will not bear obligations to such information. We and other people appointed by us can copy, send out, reuse and use such information and all the data, videos, sound and message in other ways, no matter we use them for commercial or non-commercial aims.

C. As long as fairly judges such information intrude the agreement or it is aggressive, invalid or violate rights, harm or threaten the safety of other members, have rights to audit and delete any information, email, Instant Messenger message,photos or files (called as information).

D. You must bear all the responsibilities to the information you publish, submit, post or display (shorted as post), or the information transferred to other members via our website. You exclaim and promise that the information you published is accurate, not violate the agreement and will not harm others at any time.

E. Any information published on the means that you agree, authorize, claim and promise that you have rights to authorize a non-canceled, everlasting, non-personal, paid and global permission to use, copy, execute, display and send out such information and content. Besides, derivative work about such information and content or be used in other work is permitted. And re-authorize of the above rights is permitted.

F. The following items are illegal or prohibited by our website. have the following rights: revise the items at any time, investigate anyone who violate the rules according to its independent judge and take related lawful actions, such actions including but not limited to, delete insulting communication from our website and ending the membership of the violator. The items are as following:

Be aggressive to the online community, such as broadcast racial discrimination, prejudice, abomination to any group or person, or bring harm to any group or person.

File the others archives or use their photos without permission.

Harass others or promotion of harassing others.

Broadcasting “junk email”, “chain letter”, emails without permission or spam.

Broadcasting false or misleading information that you have known, or take part in illegal activities, or broadcasting abusive, threatening, salacious, calumniating or harm the reputation of other people.

Providing leading message about illegal activities, such as make or purchase illegal weapon, violate other’s secrets, provide or make computer virus.

Get password or personal information from other users and use them for the commercial or illegal aims.

Join any commercial activities and/or sales activities, such as competition, gambling, deals, advertisement and pyramid schemes without our formal permission.

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XOGGER is one of the largest cross-language platform for dating, love and marriage.Here, you can sign up for free, find friends, upload photos, post, sendmessages, gifts, etc. Log on every day, can improve the activity levels, higherenjoyment of more features. Of course, you can also upgrade to premiummembership or VIP Member to enjoy more features.

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